Open play laser tag at Xplore Commack depends on party schedule. Please call ahead.

Xplore Family Fun Centers, including Safari Adventure have always practiced a meticulous cleaning regimen. As times have brought upon more awareness to the necessity of cleanliness, we have taken our obsession of cleaning even further. You can be rest assured that you and your children can play in a safe and clean environment.

For details, you can also view our illustrated safety guide and read through our FAQ further below.

200 Wilson Street
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776
Friday, Dec. 31st

E-Gift Cards

Send an e-gift card able to be used at any of our 3 locations!



Anti-Microbial Coating

Each month we apply an anti-microbial fog to all surfaces of the facility. This coating kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses lasting well over 30 days but we will apply every 30 days.

Sneeze Guards

All registers and redemption counters are equipped with sneeze guard dividers between the staff and customers.


Disinfectant wiping and spraying conducted in high traffic areas throughout the day. This has always been in practice and we will continue to have staff wipe down and spray disinfectant to high traffic touched areas throughout the entire day of operation.


Vacuuming play areas throughout the day has always been in practice and we will continue to keep it in practice with our cordless vacuums allowing us to keep our facility extremely clean the entire day.

Deep Cleaning

Full deep cleaning and disinfecting of entire facility and equipment upon closing has always been in practice and we will continue this practice. Upon closing the business each day, we will conduct a deep cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces and equipment.


All HVAC units fitted with MERV-13 air filters.

Social Distancing

Social distancing signs and markers can be found throughout the facility.


Face Coverings

Masks required for all guests ages 3 and older unless seated at a dining table or vaccinated. We do not requiire personal medical records. The CDC specifically exempts people who meet the descriptions within Americans With Disability Act "A person with severe sensory disability or a severe mental health disability who would pose an imminent threat of harm to themselves or others if required to wear a mask". Full description can be found on the CDC website HERE.

COVID-19 E-Waiver/Questionnaire

Upon entry, all customers are required to complete a liability waiver. Included in this waiver, are both COVID-19 related liability release, as well as a short questionnaire regarding their health status/symptoms and potential exposure within prior 2 weeks. Waivers can be signed electronically directly from the customer’s own mobile device.

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizing stations found throughout the facility

Contacless Payments

Each cash register allows for Apply Pay and Android Pay payments.


Soft Playground, Inflatables, and Toddler Zone

All equipment is disinfected and cleaned throughout the entire day.

Ropes Course (Port Jefferson)

Children will be socially distanced and the course will be disinfected throughout the entire day.

Social Distancing

Our staff will help with social distancign children but we ask that parents also help in social distancing their children on equipment.


Our arcades have always been disinfected and cleaned through the entire day and we will continue to practice this.

Laser Tag (Commack)

After every session of laser tag, every laser tag vest will be sprayed down with disinfectant. Laser tag as a game already requires players to be socially distanced.



All affected memberships will be extended accordingly. No members will lose out due to NYS shutdown. Members should expect a call from us within a week of reopening to review their extended memberships.

Arcade Games

For social distancing purposes, we have shut off every other game (or card swiper) to help maintain social distancing efforts. Please only play multi player games alone or with someone from your imediate group/party.

Gift Cards

Gift cards can still be used within our locations for purchases such as game cards, cafe, and party payments. Unfortunately, this prepurchase ticketing system we are using for open play does not recognize gift cards.

Free Passes

If you have free pass voucher you can simply select "free pass" when making your reservation. You will be required to redeem your free pass upon checking in.

10 Visit Punch Passes

If you have a 10 visit punch pass you can simply select "Punch Pass" when making your reservation. You will be required to have your punch pass "punched" upon checking in.